Connecticut Valley Hospital Wish List

The following items are on the Wish List for Connecticut Valley Hospital

Money Donations

To be used for Bingo prizes; provide pizza for veterans after the Memorial Day Service. These moneys should be sent to Pat Rodriguez, Treasurer with a notation that they are for the CVH Fund. At Christmas we distribute holiday greetings to each veteran in residence with a $5 bill and a handmade Santa Boot with a small candy cane.


These should be clean and in good condition and for adults only. Large sizes for men are in demand especially. Some of these are used for Bingo prizes and others go directly to the Cottage where they are either given to patients in need or put in the Page Hall Boutique where they are sold at a nominal cost with moneys going to the Patient Activity Fund. The rationale behind selling rather than giving them is that it is a good experience for the patient, who hopefully will be discharged back to the community, to learn that in the "real" world things must usually be bought. The price for the patient is only nominal and one they can afford. A higher price is charged for staff members purchasing the same items. Some of the more popular items of clothing used as Bingo prizes are jeans, shirts and blouses, caps, sweat shirts and pants, and jackets.

Jewelry & Accessories

Necklaces, chains for both men and women, purses and billfolds are popular.


Sample or full size shampoo, toothpast, body wash, combs, toothbrushes, bars of soap, deoderant, etc. Must not be in glass or contain alcohol. Items such as disposible razors cannot be given as prizes, but may be given to staff for use on the units.

Jigsaw Puzzles & Board Games


Decks of Cards

Stuffed Animals

These need not be new, but should be clean and in good condition.

Afghans & Lap Robes

These go primarily to the Traumatic Brain Injury and Geriatric Units.

Household items, linens, etc. luggage for patients being discharged

Main Hall, Canteen Hall or Picnic Grounds Rental

Call Canteen at (203) 874-9982

Mon-Fri - after 2pm
Sat-Sun - after 12pm
Canteen Hours

Sun - 12pm - 11pm
Mon/Tues - 2pm - 11pm
Wed/Thur - 2pm - 12am
Fri - 2pm - 1am
Sat - 12pm - 12am

Every Thursday Night!

at the VFW Hall.
Doors Open: 5:30pm
Games Start: 6:45pm
Pot Luck Dinners

Missy's Pot Luck Dinners

Every Monday and Tuesday
from 4:30pm til the food is gone.