Thank Yous

Thank You VFW

Thanks From The Soldiers!


Dear VFW veterans and volunteers,

Thank you, very much for your packages and for all your support. As I’m sure you’ve heard –those of you who don’t know firsthand– it means a lot to Marines overseas to get mail, especially such generous packages as you’ve sent.

I have to wonder: Was the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy a coincidence? Because the “Lord of the Rings” is my absolute favorite book, and I was quite surprised and excited to find the movies (which I also loved) in my care package. Needless to say, I watched them all as soon as I was able.

The local Iraqi kids go wild for pens and pencils, so those will be eagerly distributed very quickly. Most candy –especially hard candy– is also given out to the kids, though we Marines usually pick out a snack or two for ourselves first (I’m a Twizzlers guy myself). In fact, most everything that isn’t eaten or used right away is given away on patrols to grateful Iraqis; your packages not only boost our morale tremendously, they aid us in our peacekeeping efforts and strengthens the goodwill of the Iraqi people (which certainly does exist, and strongly –whatever the media may tell you at home–).

Thank you, again for your packages, and even more for your support. It is the quiet, steady support of patriotic Americans such as yourselves, despite the “vocal minority” –in spite of their protests which undermine our military and the mission we are trying to accomplish, in spite of politicians who balk at providing us with funds and equipment to do our job properly because of person political agendas, and in spite of the insurgents most of all, who daily attempt to terrorize and harm civilians, innocent women and children– that guides and encourages us in our efforts. For all your support and understanding of us and what we do, thank you.

Semper Fidelis,

Cpl Dawid, USMC

Thank You VFW

Flag Day Thanks!


Dear Kim and Bob,

Thank you soooo much for attending our Flag Day ceremony and accepting our retired flag. We do this event every year, but MANY people commented on how this year, "the Veterans made the event!!!" Your words were inspiring and accurate as they came from your real world experience with your own positive outlooks shining through! I was particularly moved at the reminder of how we "should not take this country's freedom and way of life for granted...that it is not this way in foreign lands" AND "our way of life is worth fighting for AND worth dying for!" These are truths resonate in my heart and it feels good to hear others say them aloud! Thank you for your Service in Our Nation's Military and thank you for making time to represent the Military in front of 584 young children! Days like this make one Proud to be an American!!!

Happy Summer!
Susan Dawid :)
Mathewson School
Semper Fidelis

P.S. Our Music teacher (Mrs. Neitzel) remembers your children as students, Kim. Is your son, Sebastian? Wish him well with his Family and Thank him for his Service!

Thank You VFW

Letter Of Thanks To Post

Dear Commander Smith and the Members of the VFW of Milford!!!,

THANK YOU!!! These Marine Parents thank you soooooooo much for the special package you sent our son's unit in March! Kevin FINALLY called today (Easter Sunday) and the ONLY package he had received so far came from Milford's own VFW!!!!! Apparently the mail has been very slow and your package was sent as soon as you knew Kevin's 2nd tour of duty had begun!!!! THANK YOU!!! He was particularly thrilled that the package contained the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy on DVD (His FAVORITE author is J.R.R. Tolkein!!!). He was able to view some of it when he had some time because a couple of guys have laptop/DVD players with them.

Their Unit has been very busy on patrols and fire watch at all hours of the day and night and it is beginning to get very hot in Iraq. Kevin said his Unit is being held up as a "model" for others as there has been positive work going on where he is stationed. Please pass on to everyone you know that there is good news in the Middle East! We continue to pray for Our Son and ALL his Brothers and Sisters from every branch of Service! We know that Support from Patriotic American people like those in Our VFW are just what the doctor ordered for keeping up the Spirits and Determination of Our Best and Brightest!!! THANK YOU!!!

God Bless America and THANK YOU to ALL the VFW Members!!!!!
Love and Blessings,
Leigh and Susan Dawid
Semper Fidelis

Thank You VFW

Letter Of Thanks From Overseas


Dear Friends at VFW Post 7788,

Thanks for all the packages that you have sent. They are great! Things out here are kind of hectic as I’m sure you have seen on the news. Thankfully, God has been taking care of me. My convoys haven’t hit any IED’s yet. We always find them before they find us. I was out one night that a mortar round was dropped about 50 meters from my trailer that I live in.

Christal and the girls are doing well. Jamie will be turning three in August and is amazingly smart. She really keeps Christal on her toes. Christina just turned one in March and her forte seems to lean to the physical skills. She has been walking and playing all sorts of games for months now and is getting very tall. Maybe, she will play basketball for UCONN some day.

Thanks again for all of your well wishes and support.

Staff Sergeant Jim Loeffler,

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